This Panda Express survey is a waste of your time

Your time is valuable.

Your opinion is valuable.

Your customer experience is extremely valuable.

I wish Panda Express would realize this.

And I hope they would realize this before asking you to waste your time filling out their survey.

The actual experience of filling out the survey online isn’t bad. But their phone line was down all three times I called it.

And they’re offering the worst kind of an incentive. The “give us your opinion and more of your money incentive”.

You already forked over your dough on their overpriced plates. Now, in order to collect your free entree you have to buy another overpriced meal.

That’s nonsense. You shouldn’t have to pay more money to collect an incentive on the work you’re doing for them.

I don’t suggest you fill out the Panda Express survey. It’s simply not worth it.

Let’s wait until they offer us an incentive that we can collect without a greedy second purchase.

Our opinion is worth more than this.

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