AEW: MJF drama trends Double or Nothing and Wardlow into an ultra bright spotlight on eve of show

On Saturday night, we had “Wardlow” trending #2 in the United States over speculation that his Sunday night opponent, MJF was leaving town less than 24 hours before their latest Pay Per View, Double or Nothing, was scheduled to take place in Las Vegas. These rumors came from the unreliable “dirt sheets” that cover wrestling, who have been pushing a rift between AEW and one of their blue chip talents.

Whether it’s true or not, the buzz has sent excitement for Double or Nothing into overdrive, as a stacked card of wrestling has become appointment television for fans, and has created this moment of suspense for the evening where we’re going to discover a lot over what’s taken place. Its a real moment in a staged operation that we live for.

Does MJF show up?

If he doesn’t show up, what do they do with Wardlow?

If MJF does show up, does he win?

We just don’t know.

As for the actual trending topic, “Wardlow” was trending under a positive sentiment, which is excellent for him because it demonstrates that AEW’s television investment into this athlete has paid off. They have built a star. Many fans were demanding that should MJF not show, that Tony Kahn should still invite Wardlow out and reward him with an “official” contract separating him from MJF.

If MJF does show, then its another fumble by the dirt sheets. And we’ll still get a great match.

But if he doesn’t, then its not like fans will suffer. That card has a lot of matches, probably a few too many. In hindsight, it might have been as a contigency for a cancellation. We just don’t know.

But we’ll all be watching on Sunday night anyways.

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