Barry: A scene appreciation post of “Voice text in the store” from “N710”

This is part 3 of a 4 part series regarding “Barry” and episode “N710” which is being hailed as one of the best episodes of television of the modern era. We’ve already talked about the chase scene (post HERE) and the New Medusas pitch meeting (post HERE).

Let’s talk about the scene which was the most laugh out loud worthy of this wonderful episode of television, the voice text in the story scene. We’ve all heard someone using voice text. We know it’s weird. But hearing someone air their dirty laundry the way Barry does it in a crowded department store was hilarious.

The dialog: (in voice to text format) “Hey Sally *exclamation point* I just wanted to say I appreciate you for calling me out for being quote “Violent asshole” *end quote* I am sorry for all of the shit I put you through over the past few weeks *parentheses* yelling at you at work *comma* offering to break into your bosses house *comma* take sleeping picture of her etcetera etcetera *end parentheses* *wincing emoji*.

The cut to Sally: I was already laughing when Barry was delivering the message but seeing the camera cut to Sally reading it really underlines how written communication can be misinterpreted. And then Barry gets interrupted and we get this gem..

“Just please be quack shame ye Jonas Brothers haha fresh”

There is no way you’ll be around anyone using voice text and not think of this scene. And that’s what good television does.

That’s what this episode of Barry did. And it was just great.

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