AEW: CM Punk should come back as a part timer

Let’s face it. A lot of us thought CM Punk was announcing his retirement last night on AEW Rampage, when he sent out a tweet an hour before the show saying he would be addressing the championship and his career.

This according to a small Twitter survey done by FTR..

Instead, it looks like Punk hurt his foot and he’ll be out a couple of months.

But when he returns, he should come back on a part time schedule.

Phil Brooks turns 44 in October. He’s way older than LeBron. About as old as Tom Brady. And only two years older than Tiger Woods.

I mention him among those greats because he is great. Which is why I don’t want to see him get hurt. This time its a foot. Next time its a knee. Then he’s got a bad back. Healing isn’t the same when you’re in your 40s. Things stay kind of broke.

Now, AEW takes care of older talent. We got Sting jumping through tables at 63 years old and he’s on TV almost every week with Darby Allin. Chris Jericho is 51 years old but he shares the load with J.A.S and before that the Inner Circle.

It would be terrific if we can watch CM Punk finish this list of dream matches, but he has to follow the same rule all of us have to abide by.

Listen to your body.

If I was booking him, CM Punk singles matches (and one of the best entrances in wrestling) would be reserved for pay per views. You can fill the rest of the time with promos and the occasional tag match here and there.

When he comes back, let him decide how he wants to handle his AEW title. But we got the moment we wanted last weekend. We got to see him reach the top of the mountain again.

And we’d all like to see him go for a few years more. Even if its part time.

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