My open letter to the Orange County Commission regarding fair rent measures for families

Below is my open letter sent to members of the Orange County Commission ahead of a meeting that will determine if the people of Orange County will be able to vote on stopping unfair rent increases in the area.


Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings
Commissioner Nicole Wilson
Commissioner Christine Moore
Commissioner Mayra Uribe
Commissioner Maribel Gomez-Cordero
Commissioner Emily Bonilla
Commissioner Victoria Siplin

On Tuesday, the Board of County Commission will discuss placing fair rent measures on the ballots for Orange County voters.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that there might not be another decision that helps more struggling families than the decision to stop these out of area property managers from exploiting your constituents, and throwing them out on the street when they cannot afford these unfair rent hikes.

The special interests who are opposing these fair rent measures don’t see people. They see dollar signs. They are hoping you will take their side over that family who is preparing to lose their home. They’re hoping you’ll choose to preserve their profits and instead help them kick our neighbors out into the street.

There will be mention of a recently conducted study which opposes fair rent measures on the basis of opinions and generalizations rather than facts.

Let me assure you. You know more about your districts and constituents than any study ever could. The authors of that paid correspondence hasn’t knocked on doors and heard the stories of hardship that you’ve heard.

Let’s return the power to your constituents and let the people of Orange County decide.


Frank Torres

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