State of Oregon and HUD should investigate neglect of veterans housing conditions in Portland

This week the Portland city auditor published a report slamming the Joint Office of Homelessness and partner non-profit Do Good Multnomah, who were responsible for overseeing conditions at Sandy Studios, a 32 unit condo complex for homeless veterans. Over $850,000 was disbursed to the location despite conditions like rats, black mold, and collapsing ceilings (stories HERE and HERE).

While there are suggestions made in the report, it doesn’t go far enough to examine how these custodians of funds were allowed to collect the money while veterans suffered under there roof.

The state of Oregon should get involved and so should the Department of Housing and Urban Development, with the latter ultimately discovering that the money isn’t getting to where its supposed to be.

If you believe this might be an overreaction, I would urge you to read the news reports, including the response from the JOHS that calls the report “inflammatory”.

You can be sure that many of the veterans who had to live in those kitchenless units which cost more than $1000 a month wouldn’t think its “inflammatory”.

This once again comes down to looking out for those who don’t have a strong enough voice to sound the alarm when abuse and neglect like this is committed. Action is needed.

I’ll be sending out correspondence calling for another investigation and certainly for accountability. This is simply unacceptable.

Watch my video on the subject below..

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