Open Letter to Orange County Commissioners who chose to move forward on fair rent policies

Below is an open letter sent to select Orange County Commissioners who supported fair rent measures for residents at this week’s discussion on the rental crisis. If you believe in fair rent prices, be sure to voice your support for them, and encourage other members of the board to support fair rent HERE


Orange County Commissioner Nicole Wilson
Orange County Commissioner Mayra Uribe
Orange County Commissioner Maribel Gomez Cordero
Orange County Commissioner Emily Bonilla

Dear Commissioners,

Thank you for siding with families this week at the Orange County Commission meeting, and deciding to move forward in discussing a fair rent policy for the community. While, we still have a long way to go until this plan is approved, it was your decision that will provide hope to our neighbors who are struggling to find a place to live. Including myself.

As you know, the opposition was in attendance and in strong numbers. Lobbyists, investors, and other wealthy stake holders who object to being a responsible partner in our community if it means hurting their bottom line.

We waited for their solutions. They had none. They wanted to do nothing. Doing nothing is making them rich. They will only support answers that will make them wealthier. Such is the selfish philosophy on which they conduct business in Orange County.

I would also like to thank Commissioners Wilson and Bonilla for challenging a flawed study at the hearing. Your questions were very valid. And the group which conducted the study had no answers and responded with an arrogance which illustrated how out of touch they really are.

We now await the special meeting to discuss this matter further. These special interests will once again attempt to hurt struggling families. Please hold the line. Because there are few more honorable things an elected official can do aside from making sure their constituents have a secure place to live.


Frank Torres

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