Veterans Village in San Diego needs immediate state intervention and leadership overhaul

Terribly disturbing news out of San Diego, with a long time veterans center that is currently under investigation by the DEA serving as a base for drug use, while deaths and lawsuits loom over its operation (story HERE)that many say has lost its way (story HERE).

Aside from the DEA investigation, immediate action is needed to protect the veterans in that facility. If they need to be moved to another location, so be it.

This is a problem we’re seeing with non profits that help veterans but somewhere along the line starts watching the money instead of the mission. That appears to be the case here when the facility started letting in non veteran patients under a new program, and became more concerned with filling beds than its original mission. They couldn’t even feed their residents properly (story HERE).

And what continues making this story even more troubling is that leadership at this facility is defiant while all of this is going on, including a recent fentanyl overdose that resulted in a death. They continue to admit clients against the advice of the VA.

It’s time for the state to get involved and there needs to be a change of leadership in the organization.

This is because we are setting up our California veterans for failure when many of them are at their most vulnerable. They’re coming here to get away from the drugs that are destroying their lives.

And they’re being thrown into a snake pit in the name of profits.

We need to get involved immediately. It could save lives.

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