The Publix Deli is no longer the budget saver go-to dinner solution for families

What is going with Publix these days? Did they have a leadership change or something?

I’m asking because they’ve really begun sticking it to customers in the wallet. Prices are up all over the store. The once reliable BOGOs are a shadow of what they used to be and not landing on the products that families need.

And then there is the deli.

Now before we continue, I want to point out that the workers in the deli have a very difficult customer service task. We the customers can be jerks sometimes. I’ve seen the way some people order their subs. That’s why many Publix delis are always understaffed. I know I couldn’t do it.

But let’s talk about the money.

Publix recently nerfed their sub sales. Chicken Tender Sub specials were once $6.99.

Now it’s $7.99.

And customers called them out on it when then noticed the mark-up. Read the comments on the post.

Then there is the insulting “quick bites” menu. Two tenders or three wings (who eats three wings?), five potato wedges or onion rings (which is painful to watch them count out) and a roll. $5 bucks. It’s a -quick- bite for sure.

That is a terrible deal. You used to be able to get so much more under that single meal menu.

What happened to the 8 piece fried chicken box? The rotisserie chicken specials? Fairly priced meals that could feed a family?

And they still can’t staff their delis. No wonder why? They continue turning the wrench on customers. Now there are long waits and higher prices.

They’ve also eliminated all of the competition. Depending on your neighborhood, there may be no other places to go.

I’ve been shopping at Publix most of my life. And their customer philosophy is still a noble one. They will listen to you all day. They have to me on multiple occasions.

But when did they get so dog-gone greedy?

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