Aspen Dental “Day Of Service” program demand underlines need for dental care for veterans

This past weekend, Aspen Dental held it’s “Day of Service” program where they provide care for veterans that need dental services performed.

It’s a very important service because most veterans don’t qualify for dental care through the VA. Its one of the VA’s biggest flaws in the care it provides to us.

Anyways, myself and many other veterans couldn’t get help this past weekend because some Aspen Dental branches chose not to participate. Others had their calendars full.

So, the dental pain remains for us.

This does however allow us to remember how dire the situation is for many vets that need help from a dentist.

In my community a root canal cost $3,000 (including the crown). If you’ve ever needed a root canal, you can understand that the pain must be addressed. It can be excruciating.

Yet, there are hundreds of veterans on our streets that walk round experiencing this pain everyday because they’re denied dental care from the VA because of their unfair criteria.

It’s why we need help from our elected officials to increase the opportunities for veterans to get dental care. It’s why we need to expand programs like VetSmiles to areas all over the country. And why dentist in the private sector should also be incentivized to help our bravest in getting help.

This is a quality of life issue which we’ve neglected when it comes to our veterans. And we must improve our efforts.

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