Big tourism promise of helping Orlando workers with housing remains a lie

Right now, the tourism industry in Orlando or “Big Tourism” is one of the worst neighbors the working class family has in Central Florida.

They are an ATM to which we the people, give millions to each year, and they never give back. A good of example of that is the Tourism Development Tax that our neighbors generate by working in their hotels that only big tourism is allowed to spend according to their manicured laws protected by our politicians.

Meanwhile many of their workers can’t find a stable place to live in Orlando.

This after our local leaders gave them $125 million for a road (story HERE).

This as their employees sleep in their cars because they can’t afford the fuel to go to work (story HERE).

And this as tourism continues putting up big post pandemic numbers (story HERE).

What they have given us are drawings.

Drawings from a pledge that is now 3 years old of an affordable housing complex they said they would build, but still hasn’t housed one resident (story HERE). They’ve milked those drawings for as big of a PR pop as they possibly could.

It’s tobacco industry public relations. Bring in billions causing the problem. Spend thousands telling people how you’re going to fix the problem you’re responsible for.

But Orlando theme park workers are still struggling. And their bosses sit on the sidelines and do nothing while landlords throw their employees out on the street.

Now, more than ever, the Orlando tourism industry is more concerned about helping the upper echelons of their business than the workers who are responsible for their success to begin with.

All of this while we keep feeding money into that ATM that never pays out.

When will our leaders intervene and finally help us?

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