Orlando real estate leaders are lying about more inventory solving crisis

The answer to the crisis is that there isn’t enough inventory.

We just can’t build fast enough.

We need to reduce regulations to allow for faster construction.

Just some of the lies we’ve heard from Orlando real estate leaders over the past year as the region continues going through the worst housing crisis we’ve ever seen.

The latest numbers in the paper have highlighted that they are lying about more inventory bringing down prices (story HERE). We had a jump in inventory.

But the real estate industry decided that they were going to keep raising prices, with the median marks still rising.

They’re lying. And we need to start calling them out on it. We need to stop putting them on committees. Stop putting them on panels. Stop citing them as experts in the realm of the housing crisis.

They are the reason for the housing crisis.

And this is worth repeating. While we’ve all been taught that more inventory leads to less demand, its still on the integrity of Orlando real estate to read the market properly. Just because they have more housing doesn’t mean prices will drop. It just means they can make more money.

But that’s not what they’ll tell our elected officials. That’s not what they’ll tell you to your face.

Instead, big real estate and property management keeps throwing families out on the street by exploiting the low regulatory environment. At this point it’s not an argument for the free market. It’s a consumer protection issue.

They’ve made the environment that toxic. And on the other end, they’ll oppose any initiatives for fair rents/prices. Their greed runs that deep.

And it’s not going to get better. They won’t let it get better. It doesn’t matter how many kids are going to school homeless next year.

It’s time to start pointing out their nonsense. They won’t tell you the truth. They will just say whatever they have to in order to make money.

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