WWE: Sasha Banks rumors draws attention away from Vince McMahon controversy

It’s been a busy 24 hours for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Late yesterday afternoon, news broke that the WWE board was opening an inquiry into a $3 million dollar settlement involving Vince McMahon over an alleged secret affair. The story was so big that “Vince” was trending #1 moving into primetime (story HERE).

As the flames swirled over that potential scandal, news broke later that evening that the WWE was going to release superstar Sasha Banks. Banks, one of the most well liked wrestlers in the organization, has been missing from television since a reported disagreement over creative decisions that took place several weeks back.

Because of the unreliable nature of the internet wrestling community, there were no named sources or supplementing information regarding what is essentially just a rumor at this point. The practice of wrestling content creators pressing “publish” over one unsubstantiated tweet is why many fans grow increasingly frustrated with the community.

But for WWE, it took the spotlight off of the Vince McMahon story. Fans were looking at the one flaming train wreck and another source, which may or may not be affiliated with WWE (we don’t know), gave us another train wreck which divided the audience’s attention.

Both stories are bad, but leaking the Sasha Banks rumor at least gets the WWE in a position they’ve grown quite accustomed to. Weathering fan anger over a talent decision, instead of a real life controversy involving the leader of it’s organization.

And mind you, all of this social media engagement will be repackaged for advertisers and turned into a profit.

Just another day for WWE.

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