WWE: Stephanie in charge could be a promising look into the future for embattled promotion

On Friday morning, Stephanie McMahon announced that she would be taking over as interim CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, while the board opens up an inquiry into an alleged $3 million dollar settlement regarding her father, Vince and an alleged affair.

There are a lot of ways fans and investors can look at this next chapter of the company’s storied history. Even if it’s only for a short time.

Many viewers of the product will tell you that this is an opportunity for WWE to finally advance their product into the present. To leave behind Vince’s philosophy of “out-cartooning the cartoons” and attempts to recreate the “Attitude Era” without that period’s groundbreaking stars, and to forge a new and more modern path in pro wrestling that creates its own success story.

The wrestling fan of 2022 doesn’t enjoy the same things that the viewers of Vince’s prime once did. We all want to be GMs with power over the creative path of the sport.

Stephanie knows that. I think. Still in her mid 40s, she is still honest with herself and knows bad TV when she sees it.

And there has been a lot of bad WWE TV this year.

Really, Stephanie should take this time to try and implement as much new change as possible. It might not last forever but it doesn’t have to. It only needs to last long enough for viewers to understand that her way is a better and more modern storytelling style that makes for a better product.

What happens when Vince gets back? I don’t know. I don’t think they even know.

But this is an opportunity. Not a setback for wrestling fans.

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