Orlando apartment communities keeps raising rents but our neighborhoods are no safer

Right now, Orlando is experiencing the worst rental crisis in our community’s history. This is because of the greed and exploitation being exercised by the real estate and property management groups in the area.

The money is disappearing from our bank accounts but where is it going? It’s certainly not going back into our communities.

You could drive through a number of Orlando apartment complexes at night and you’ll see lights that aren’t working, enveloping our neighborhoods in darkness. You’ll see no deterrents to threats against public safety. Most apartments still don’t have a night security guard or security cameras.

What kind of operation raises the rents on its tenants but doesn’t give them a safe place to live? The greedy kind.

We’ve seen horrible crimes take place here in Orlando that could have been prevented by property management that invests in their communities, and puts less in their pockets.

As you write the check for your July rent ask yourself “Where is this extra money going?”. Our landlords are asking more of us but we’re getting nothing in return.

The answer is right back into their pockets. Or if your property management company has multiple operations, your money could be going into a pot and getting spent elsewhere.

It might not even be in Orlando. It might not even be in Florida. It could be Texas or Arizona.

You should demand a safe neighborhood. All of your street lights should be working. If you live in a large neighborhood, you should have a security guard there from dusk til dawn. There should be operational security cameras in community spaces.

You’re giving more. You deserve more. Demand more from your greedy property managers here in Orlando.

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