The Best and Worst of TV in the first half of 2022

Here we are in the middle of June. Just about halfway through with 2022 and there has been a lot of new TV on the networks and streamers.

Some great. Some terrible.

Let’s break it down.

The Best:

Severance on Apple TV: What a terrific surprise. Ben Stiller gave us something truly original and the cast anchored by Adam Scott was wonderful. We’re going to need season 2 sooner rather than later.

Barry on HBO Max: “710N” was one of the best episodes of modern television we’ve had. And the entire season provided us with some unique experiences that kept us on our toes. That cliffhanger will ensure we’re ready for season 4.

Atlanta on FX: Any show can tackle race these days. But Donald Glover and company completely reworked the perspectives on the topic. It makes the viewers really think about what they see unfolding on screen. The “black and white” episode was fascinating. The “Space Cake” outing nightmarish. And the show on social justice gave us the line “Reinvest in your hood”.

Peacemaker on HBO: John Cena found his hero and made it a favorite. Peacemaker, coming off of his outing in “Suicide Squad” won over our hearts with a rocking opening sequence and a surprisingly poignant conclusion.

Ghosts on CBS: Hilarious and surprisingly heartfelt, this adaptation popped up out of nowhere and deservingly won a following.

The Worst:

Halo on Paramount Plus: Insulting. Insulting to fans of the franchise. Insulting to TV viewers with a working brain. Despicable.

Moon Knight on Disney Plus: What was this show? Completely out of touch with the mythology. And Oscar Issac made it about himself. Painful to finish.

Welcome to Flatch on FOX: The most unfunny show on television. How it got renewed, I’ll never figure out.

How We Roll on CBS: It had a positive message. But the show wasn’t well made. Poor writing. Poor sets. A surprising sitcom miss for CBS.

Minx on HBO Max: What begun as a clever take on feminism in the 70s quickly devolved into a bunch of cheap sex jokes. Not even Jake Johnson could fix it. He’ll have another chance since it’s been renewed.

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