McDonald’s is forcing us to use the kiosks and many customers are struggling

Oh McDonald’s, a company that has created a strong emotional divide in the lives of American consumers.

During our childhoods, there were few better places to be. We had toys in our Happy Meals, playpens with rubber balls that had been goodness-knows-where, and what felt like the best food in the world.

Now that we’re adults, we’ve discovered that they’re overcharging us for our Happy Meals, the playpens are gone, and the employees are underpaid to serve a menu that has become a shadow of it’s former self.

And now they want to remove another part of the human contact portion of their experience.

We’re being forced to use kiosks. We have to use them.

Before they were just hanging in the lobby. Next we were given a gentle nudge by some of the employees to use them.

Now, we’re not going to leave with our food unless we figure out how to use this menu.

And I’ve noticed customers having a hard time with it.

On one of my recent visits, a senior citizen was visibly upset that she had to figure out how to use this futuristic technology that was something we only saw at Epcot Center back in the day, to purchase the food she needs to live.

Then during my next visit, it was a young customer who was just trying to buy a dessert. Before she could just walk up to the counter and ask for it. Now she is having to stand on her toes to reach some of the buttons.

And the worst part was at the end of each of their respective visits.

Please Go To The Counter

They were paying with cash.

My point (and I’ll be quick) is that McDonald’s shouldn’t be so fast to push off their customer service to the computers. This should be a gradual process and there should always be someone with a pulse to guide us through the golden arches.

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