Orange County shouldn’t sit idle on transportation waiting on Penny Sales Tax to pass

Let me get this first part out of the way.

In principle, I’m not opposed to the penny sales tax referendum on the ballot this year to fund transportation. But I don’t trust the special interests to spend the money properly with the current language that was rammed through the commission. Orlando residents won’t see that money improve their quality of life and they’ll be anywhere between $300 and $1,000 lighter in the wallet each year because of it.

That being said, Orange County has completely fallen asleep on transportation needs in 2022.

Lights at crosswalks aren’t working properly. Bus stops aren’t being maintained. Innovation outside of the outcome of the referendum has been completely put on hold.

And it’s because Orange County is dragging their feet. They’re trying to put an exclamation point on this penny sales tax pitch by trying to illustrate the needs for transportation in the area. That means letting everything break.

That’s completely unnecessary. And its a tactic that is causing even more problems for a population that is already being exploited with high rents and low wages. We’re hurting right now.

It’s almost as if county transportation officials have forgotten that there is still work to do whether this initiative passes or not. This shouldn’t be a vacation for the people we have trusted to improve mobility in county where cars are still king and gas is $5 a gallon.

We must remind Orange County that there is still much work to be done. And that transportation has been a problem in this community for decades.

And that problem will still be there whether the initiative passes or not.

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