Lack of accountability after ICON Park tragedy sends a horrible message about Orlando tourism industry

The first impression many people will tell you after watching a news story on the Tyre Sampson tragedy, which involved the 14 year old falling to his death from a FreeFall ride, at Orlando’s ICON Park is pretty common (story HERE).

It could have been prevented.

Damn right it could have. Tyre Sampson should still be alive.

But the owners of the ride, are trying to proceed as if nothing happened. In fact, they removed a memorial at the site that loved ones set up to remember Tyre.

And ICON Park and Orlando tourism executives were content to let them do so.

As long as the money keeps coming in.

There is legislation introduced at the state level to ensure a ride operator’s experience and safety history be taken under consideration in applications for new ride leases.

You mean there wasn’t before? How dangerous is that?

I’ll cut to the chase. The truth is that this family deserves some accountability, and the tourism industry on International Drive isn’t prepared to hold the appropriate parties responsible.

They would rather the story go away.

The organization in charge of those rides shouldn’t be allowed to continue operations at ICON Park.

Not only is it wrong but all of Orlando tourism looks terribly irresponsible.

What kind of message are we sending to the rest of the world by doing nothing?

This really isn’t even an issue for debate. At least it shouldn’t be.

If there is anyone, especially an Orlando leader that isn’t asking questions after this tragedy, then I would question what side they’re really on.

And if they’re allowing the most powerful special interest in Orlando to make them look away on what was a blatant failure of safety.

Let’s do the right thing here.

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