Let’s be real, the “Housing for All” program in Orange County was a failure

Here we are in Orange County, suffering through the worst rental crisis in the region’s history and we’ve still got leaders and lobbyists trying to pass “Housing for All” as a program that was successful.

This 2019 initiative led by Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, had good intentions, but the biggest mistake that was made was stacking the task force with developers, real estate pros, and lobbyists.

The very people responsible for this crisis to begin with.

This led to impractical solutions which led with keeping their profits in tact instead of helping people.

And the results have showed.

The trust fund (which you pay for) has produced some affordable housing, but nowhere near the amount that is needed to help the residents of Orange County. Everything else was symbolic.

And now as the Orange County Commission considers fair rent policies, we have many of the entities responsible for that failed task force trying to protect their bottom line while families suffer.

Perhaps if they had done their jobs, instead of lining up for a photo opp, then we might have less children living in cars and shelters then we do right now.

And they’re not done. They’re trying to run out the clock on this fair rent initiative because they believe it would hurt profits. And instead, trying to get more money into housing funds instead of being responsible community partners.

Money that comes from you, the taxpayers.

Once again, remember the Orlando real estate and tourism motto.

“Not our money. Your money.”

It’s why Housing for All was a failure. And why promoting it as a success will only make things worse for residents of Orange County.

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