Osceola leaders were warned shutting down motels would hurt families, now its happening

Late last year we discussed the ordinance put in place by the Osceola County Commission that would force motels that housed struggling families, to either shut down or perform costly renovations. This means that those families which fuel the Osceola county tourism economy, and call those motels home, would be forced out on the street with nowhere else to go.

Now, as we expected, its coming true (story HERE), with families getting kicked out with no warning.

And the commission was told this would happen during hearings held last year. They had leaders from the education and non profit communities warning them that shutting down these extended stays would have this exact effect.

This story is just the beginning. There will be more families losing their homes.

I also remember how happy the developers were when this hostile ordinance was passed. They were looking forward to building more communities that would be out of reach by these workers.

When asked about what this would do to families currently living in those motels?

“Well, there are programs for that” one developer said.

It was despicable behavior to observe.

And what made this particular event so painful to observe is that the Osceola County Commission moved forward anyways, knowing very well that families would find themselves homeless because of their decision.

Instead, they chose to run a smoke screen by showcasing one affordable housing project before they passed this hostile policy.

Working families lose again in Osceola County.

And we all saw it coming. Unfortunately, these families aren’t in a position to defend themselves. I feel terrible for them.

Because it all could have been prevented.

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