The uncomfortable truth of political campaign deployments and a warning to Orlando candidates

One of the things I’m grateful for are my friends in Orlando politics. All of them. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and covering media. They helped me when I was down and I can’t forget it.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t campaign at home anymore. I won’t compete against anyone that’s helped me. I refuse to.

Which means I have to hit the road. Its the only skill I have that can pay this ridiculous Orlando rent.

While political campaign deployments sound glamorous, for a lowly foot soldier like myself, it’s anything but.

Your comfort is not a priority for many of the companies putting these things together. Comfort cost money. Which means you’re crammed into the middle seat of an airplane on a budget carrier, and sharing a hotel room with a stranger, sleeping just a few feet away from them.

As you read this, I’m in the middle of the country and recovering from a bunch of nuisance sicknesses.

The top of my head is burned to touch because I forgot my hat. I ate some bad chicken and spent yesterday evening retching. And my ear was killing me for most of the day yesterday and I had no idea why. Last night, I drank some gas station merlot and just felt miserable.

But, I came here to win.

Political campaigns are important to me. I’m not going to sit on TV for a decade talking about this stuff and not play to win. I’ve researched my candidate, the campaign, and am prepared to engage voters with any questions they may have.

Here is the part I want all of my Orlando candidates to read.

I can’t say the same for the others who were brought here. Many have no experience. Many others don’t care about winning and are just collecting a paycheck. Its shameful.

And I have a problem with that.

I’ve seen this behavior in Orlando. Campaigns paying for walkers who are supposed to be engaging voters, but instead just drop the literature at the door and leave.

It’s wrong. And for communities that are trying to get good people into office, it’s straight up sabotage.

If you see it happening in Orlando, you should immediately get a hold of the campaign and have them look into it. They’re messing it up for the campaigns and workers who depend on this occupation to make living like myself.

Anyways, meanwhile back here, I’m also sleep deprived because my neighbors decided to stay up until 2AM shouting.

I also found out what was wrong with my ear. A tick in my hotel room attached itself to me when I was on the couch. I peeled it off of me like velcro when I finally discovered it.

“The good news is, its not bed bugs!” my overly cheery hotel receptionist mentioned to me.

I’ve got a fresh camo hat to protect my bald head and the bacteria from my bad dinner is leaving me. Hopefully, things will get better.

My neighbors will still be an issue. I can’t narc on them because guess what…they came here to campaign. Sleep is overrated anyways. Right?

But I’m still here to win. And I’m going to try my best until I get back home and this starts all over again.

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