New Florida loud radio law isn’t getting enough advance attention

On July 1st, it will be against the law to have your radio playing at a volume that is audible from more than 25 feet away from your vehicle. If you get stopped for it, you can get a ticket.

There are a lot of vehicles driving around Orlando which blast their radios plenty loud. While your opinion on loud radio playing is just that. Your own. It is going to put both law enforcement and drivers in a tough space here in a couple of days.

Because we’re not advertising this new law enough. That’s problematic.

It’s problematic because what is going to happen is some kid is going to get pulled over for blasting his music too loud and he’s not going to understand that it’s now against the law to do so. And if you’re not educated that its against the law, it could seem an awful lot like harassment.

And we’re at a place right now where getting pulled over is still a very tense situation. If we don’t have an educated community of drivers, there could be some horrible misunderstandings on the road.

Which is why I wish we were doing more.

The news outlets are doing their job. They’re the ones who inspired me to write this post. But I’m not seeing anything outside of that.

We should have every FDOT sign on every major road advertising this new rule. Its not completely unlike what we’ve seen with “Click it or Ticket” or a bunch of other campaigns we’ve witnessed through the years.

It could be a tremendous help. And prevent some potentially serious problems.

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