The importance of cutting good books for your campaign walkers

This campaign deployment I’ve been on has been a waking nightmare (stories HERE and HERE). Its been full of activities that are either unprofessional, or straight up dangerous to the staff that is at the complete mercy of the company that has shipped us in. This includes walking in 106 degree heat with no water or power banks for dying phones. That can kill someone.

But probably the meanest thing they’ve done is cut bad walkbooks.

For the uninitiated, a walkbook or walk packet is the designated route your taking to talk to voters that day. Campaign leaders can design books anyway they want. Good leaders will learn how difficult each book is, or even design a book for volunteers depending on their abilities or commitment. Ideally, all of the books consist of a neighborhood or adjacent neighborhoods nearby.

Yesterday, we had campaign books with a radius of ten miles. It was obviously cut by someone with no familiarity with the communities we were talking to.

I’m convinced they could have cared less.

And like I’ve mentioned before. Some of us are over a thousand miles away from home with no return ticket until its booked for us. We’re here trying to make a living or build a career.

If this were a traditional campaign we could ask for help. We could approach the candidate. Here we have none of those options.

And this is all about safety. How many heat injuries will it take until these companies learn?

I hope my Orlando candidates will be better. I know they will. Because I’ve never seen this kind of behavior before back at home before.

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