While fuel prices are causing cost increases for services, Orlando wages remain the same

The price of gas is high. There is no denying that. The highest since the great recession which brought us to a similar place back in the late 2000s.

And while many of the vendors providing products and services in Orlando have added on a gas surcharge or additional costs to make up for the difference, some very important people are getting missed.

Orlando workers.

Yeah. While it may be much more expensive to get the products to the store and to your doorstep, Orlando employers haven’t taken into consideration the rise in costs for their employees to get to work.

Especially the big employers in town.

I’m looking at you Orlando tourism. Who is content with a tax increase for transportation even though they give preference to workers who have their own car.

And I’m also looking at you Orlando developers, who are jacking up the rent for the very workers who are building their developments, while offering nothing to offset the prices at the pump.

You might be asking what the solution is.

It’s for workers to offer up their services to the highest paying Orlando employers. If their current employers aren’t taking care of them, then go work for someone who will.

That’s a lot easier said than done. That’s for sure. Many of these workers are supporting families and are already living in constant fear of unfair rent hikes. There are also the regular economic emergencies. A car repair. A medical bill.

Orlando employers should be stepping up. Instead we’ve got tourism and real estate stepping back.

And that pain at the pump is a daily and scary reminder to their employees of their employer’s negligence.

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