Here is everyone that will be watching your campaign walkers in Orlando this year

“Always act like you’re being watched, because there is an excellent chance that you are.”

That is a common phrase you’ll hear a lot of field directors on campaigns say. And they’re right. Especially in 2022, right here in Central Florida.

The truth is that there is a natural chemistry in your neighborhood. I learned this when I used to work insurance fraud cases as a private investigator. The neighbors know what belongs on their street and what doesn’t.

Your campaign walkers aren’t normal in a neighborhood, and people will notice. Many of them will be suspicious.

Here are all of the people watching your volunteers when they’re knocking on doors this year.

Technology: A couple of years ago a doorbell camera was something special. Now they’re everywhere. Your volunteers need to treat that camera like they would a live person in front of them. This isn’t the worst thing. Especially if you’re using paid knockers. It will keep them honest.

Your opponent and other campaigns: Your opponent has supporters out there and your volunteers will likely hit one of those doors. And that supporter will text your opponent. This is why best behavior is so important.

Other campaigns in separate races will also be checking out your volunteers. Nothing necessarily malicious, they’ll be trying to learn if you’re doing something a better way.

Law enforcement: Remember that chemistry I was talking about? Yeah, when people feel that chemistry is off, they call the cops. If you’ve got campaign t-shirts, use them. If you’re strapped for cash, use badges. The police will usually just run your ID and leave. Many understand that the call is a waste of their time too.

The mailman, Amazon guy, garbage man, and everybody else: These are the service providers that work this neighborhood everyday. And they’ve got existing relationships with the residents. I try to just stay out of there way.

Voters not on your packet: Its strange. A lot of people don’t like getting campaign volunteers at their door, but at the same time they start feeling FOMO when we past by their house. Strange. But true.

Just remind your people that there is always someone watching and everyone should be just fine.

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