Paolo Banchero push for Kevin Durant is exactly the kind energy the Orlando Magic have needed

Right now, the NBA world is absolutely engulfed in free agency mayhem. It appears as if absolutely no one is safe where they are now, with superstars left and right requesting trades, and teams frantically searching for their missing piece to an NBA Championship puzzle.

And overall #1 draft pick, Paolo Banchero of the Orlando Magic is finally giving us a voice in the madness.

Banchero posted this pick on his social media feed on Thursday, making his push for future Hall of Famer Kevin Durant as news broke he would be requesting a trade out of Brooklyn.

Are the Magic a serious contender for Durant? No. But here is why this is important.

We’ve talked about how Banchero not only has to change the way the Magic play on the court, but also how he must change the culture of the entire organization (story HERE).

This is the beginning of that push.

Our front office always falls asleep during free agency. Content with bad decisions and losing records. But Banchero understands what this environment is really like. You have to make your voice heard. Otherwise you’re going to disappear into irrelevancy. Exactly where Orlando Magic leadership has put us now.

At least our newest player has the NBA world talking about us. He believes in the potential for greatness. Why can’t we?

Let’s see where we go with this. But thank goodness someone from our squad spoke up. So many times it seems our front office is happy being terrible.

Paolo Banchero will demand more. And we should support him in any way we can.

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