Red, Hot and Boom in Altamonte Springs has the chance to be politically relevant again upon return

Red, Hot, and Boom, is back after taking a couple of years off because of the COVID pandemic.

The festival and fireworks show off of the lake at Cranes Roost draws thousands and thousands of people to Altamonte Springs, who will eat, party, and shop, before settling in to watch the fireworks show, and then spending another hour in traffic to travel less than a mile to escape on I4 and go home.

While the traffic isn’t fun, the event itself is actually a decent time once you get there.

And in previous years, candidates for office have made a point to get out to the event with the dash to primary elections well on its way. In the past, we’ve seen street teams in campaign t-shirts, airplanes with campaign ads, and loads of social media traffic coming from the event.

A well conducted walk through can get your name in front of a lot of people. And for the candidates who are good at retail politics, there are conversations and votes to be won everywhere.

It’s good for the event. It’s good for the candidates. And it’s good for the voters. We’ve already talked about the decline of Hob Nobs (story HERE). This might be the only chance some voters take to get to know their candidates.

This is also true economic development. None of that funneled I-Drive money nonsense. Money that actually gets to smaller vendors.

Let’s see what happens. Hopefully, the crowds will return and we can see some great campaigning taking place.

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