Long lines at Orlando Social Security office demonstrate another lack of focus on important issues

Did you know Orlando is getting a Skyline Chili restaurant?

Or how about “Splash Mountain” at Disney getting a makeover?

What about our vehicles at Lake Nona that can drive themselves?

If you didn’t know about those things, I can’t blame you. If you’re from here you might be struggling to pay your rent or find medical care that isn’t overwhelmed by staffing shortages. You know. Important things.

And one of those important things may be getting help from the social security office.

But for the past several weeks, there have been intermittent long lines outside of the Orlando social security office, as some customers are getting there as early as 2AM for help (story HERE).

As usual, answers are scarce.

For those who are actually jumping to defend this kind of service, they might tell you that this is not an Orlando or Orange County Service. It’s not our problem.

But you had better believe that if something happened to our tourism revenue funnel, every special interest in town would be getting on the phone to ask their contacts what’s going on with their money.

Sadly, that isn’t the case with the social security office.

This is because the people standing in those lines don’t write checks to political campaigns.

And while they’re sitting in line, they can’t go to work, which means their quality of life may suffer as Orlando real estate raises their rent again.

This is one of those images that many of our leaders would rather turn their back to, no matter how much its shown on the news. No matter how bad it is for our community.

But, hey. Self-driving cars at Lake Nona.

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