How Orlando leaders let investors and Big Real Estate take our home buying power away

Just a depressing write up in the hometown paper this morning about how Orlando let home investors and opportunistic real estate leaders rob us of our control over our own market for homes (story HERE).

Our elected leaders fell asleep at the switch and real estate in the area kept quiet, as large swaths of our inventory were bought up, leaving Orlando families and lifetime Central Floridians on the outside looking in on their own hometown inventory.

Let’s start with the obvious. Large campaign donations anchored by requests to remove all red tape away from revenue devices for Orlando real estate, no matter how harmful they maybe down the line.

Keep in mind that the recent $60,000 report commissioned by Orange County to kill fair rent measures for residents, on behalf of local real estate and property management didn’t even discuss investment profiteering by large scale home buyers.

Now, there are real estate business leaders that could have sounded the alarm on this practice along time ago. But they did nothing and instead jumped in on wherever opening there was to make money instead of being a responsible community partner.

And now, our community partners don’t even live in the community. Which means they can drive up the rent on suffering families as high as they want, while our children get priced out of potentially owning a home themselves.

If that sounds wrong to you, that’s because it is. But we let it happen.

All while the elected leaders we were supposed to trust let Orlando real estate steer our home inventory right into an iceberg.

It’s all their fault.

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