NFL: Transitioning Sunday Ticket to a streamer isn’t a bad idea if it’s not abused

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told CNBC on Friday that NFL Sunday Ticket will likely be transitioning away from Direct TV and moving to a streamer in the near future. Direct TV’s agreement with the NFL ends after this season. CNBC also reports that Amazon, Disney Plus, and Apple TV have all put in bids to pick up the games (story HERE).

Early reaction from fans has been positive. I’m prone to agree with them. But I do have some reservations though.

Mostly with what I’ve seen with Major League Baseball. And most of that has not been good.

This is because with streamers, it’s possible to nickle and dime your fans to death.

If you want to make sure you catch all of the Major League Baseball games, you probably need basic cable.

Then if your team plays on Friday Night Baseball, you need Apple TV.

And then if your team has certain Saturday games, you need Peacock.

New York Yankees fans see where I’m coming from.

This is why I’m worried when I hear that the NFL is going to streamers. There are exceptions here and there that can add up for fans.

But, perhaps I’m overreacting. We’ve still got a lot of time. Let’s see how this deal is put together.

While I have you here, I also have concerns over Apple TV getting some of these games. Fans don’t like their MLB coverage, how will they feel when the NFL arrives?

Should be fun to watch.

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