Star Wars: This is how you correctly pronounce AT-AT

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The internet has been having the nerdiest of the nerdiest of conversations today, with a discussion over how to pronounce the name of one of the most fascinating Star Wars vehicles. The Imperial Walker or the acronym “AT-AT”.

While some believe you spell out the acronym calling it A-T-A-T, that is incorrect.

It’s pronounced like two of the same word. At, at. Or @ @.

How do I know? Because its been that way for decades. Look at the commercial for the toy from the 80s.

Critics will bring up the AT-ST or the smaller walker from “Return of the Jedi”. That’s valid. That one you do spell out. I mean you could say “Atstah” but that would probably get missed.

Yes, there is a lack of continuity but the issue is hardly worth causing a rebellion over. Look how many other Star Wars debates we’ve had over the years. The fandom is at constant war with itself.

But here we have licensed media pronouncing AT-AT. That’s good enough for most of us.

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