What Orange County doesn’t understand about its Affordable Housing Trust Fund

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that the Orange County Housing For All initiative, to help the region during this affordable housing crisis was a failure. With findings published over three years ago, the plan crafted by the very same lobbyists, developers, and real estate agents that are responsible for this crisis, has done little to keep families off of the street. And instead was an opportunity to stuff their own pockets.

One aspect of this initiative was the trust fund for affordable housing. Orange County appears committed to throwing millions more into this fund for a couple hundred more units, instead of acting on proper fair rent measures which have been proposed in recent weeks (story HERE).

Here is what Orange County doesn’t understand about that trust fund.

Renters need help IMMEDIATELY: Really, they needed help in 2019. Instead, struggling families will hope they can get into one of these units while thousands of others remain homeless. And we’re not short hundreds of units. We are short thousands that expand beyond the scope of this fund.

They’re still choosing Big Real Estate over homeless children: It’s disturbing that the county’s first reflex during this crisis is to give developers more money while trying to kill fair rent ordinances. They were caught promoting security deposit insurance (another scam) by the media a couple of weeks back (story HERE).

We’re still rewarding the parties responsible: We’re giving more public dollars to the parties who are responsible for unchecked rent increases causing us to suffer. How is this right? Remember the special interest motto of Orlando and the rule of thumb by the elected leaders they own.

Not our money. Your money.

Orange County either doesn’t understand this. Or doesn’t want to understand this. And its the people of our community who have to learn the painful lesson for them.

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