WWE: No, Vince McMahon still isn’t going anywhere after WSJ story

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No, he’s still not going anywhere.

Despite a Wall Street Journal story saying that Vince McMahon paid out $12 million to suppress sexual allegations reaching back 16 years, you can believe that Vincent Kennedy McMahon will still be leading World Wrestling Entertainment.

The motto. Then. Now. Forever. Isn’t talking about WWE. It’s talking about Vince McMahon.

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if he were on Smackdown tonight. “No Chance” blaring through the arena speakers. Full strut down to the ring in full effect.

Because while these allegations sound serious to us (as well as every other business organization in the civilized world), McMahon is in his own environment.

And I’d bet you every dime in the Million Dollar Man’s bank account that he see himself as the victim here.

“Why Frank. That doesn’t make any sense.” And you might be right.

But Vince is working in a completely different reality. He’s not like you and me. He’s been so successful for so long, that he doesn’t believe that anything normal applies to him.

Even if the walls begin to close in, and social pressure causes him to step aside, he’ll still be calling plays from behind the curtain. We’re still going to be getting that Happy Corbin segment every Friday night. We’re still going to have to watch as he tries to “Out-cartoon the cartoons”.

And if this Wall Street Journal story doesn’t provoke a change, then nothing will. This is the epitome of business social pressure. These kinds of stories have tumbled empires before.

But WWE isn’t even shaking right now. And you’d better believe Vince will be holding it up until his last breath.

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