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So, this football graphic challenge caused a couple of NFL wide receivers and tight ends to trend today. It’s a pretty interesting test.

Basically, you’ve got $10 bucks and you’ve got to buy from these players with the allocated dollar amounts.

This is a pretty tough one to mess up, but here is my group.

Row 1: Tyreek Hill is pretty tough to pass up on. The speed here is just incredible. Now it’s true that he’s been catching passes from Patrick Mahomes but I think he’ll still do well with Tua this year in Miami. Adams is great but not worth the extra buck. Everyone else is injury prone or not as proven.

Row 2: Mike Evans is being disrespected here for $3 bucks, so I’m going to be taking him. He belongs at the $4 dollar range at least. Look at his numbers. I took a long look at Cooper Cupp but Evans is a better deep ball threat.

Row 3: Michael Thomas is in the bargain bin here at just a buck. Dude caught 149 passes in 2019. I’m rolling with him all day. Everyone else might be better but not that much better. Get Antonio Brown out of here.

Row 4 Mark Andrews: He’s a terrific pick up at just $2. Look at his numbers. Kelce might be better but not for the money. Kittle gets hurt a lot.

What do you think? Who is on your $10 team.

But instead of $10 for a fake team that doesn’t exist. You could help me out. I’m real. And any help for this blog helps. Thank you!

You can check out the team graphic below..

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