Trending: Miami Marlins celebrate Keith Hernandez day by letting NY Mets win 5-4

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The Miami Marlins remain one of the most generous franchises in professional sports. So much so, that during their visit to Citi Stadium to celebrate Keith Hernandez day on Saturday Night, they let the New York Mets win by committing two costly defensive errors.

Check it out below. Just look at how happy everyone in that stadium is.

After the Marlins let the Mets win, social media just couldn’t get enough of how nice it was for our neighbors from down south to just give away a game like that. Especially generous with a 40-43 record with the All Star Break approaching.

You sure said it, Sofia. Being a Marlins fan is rough. After all, so much generosity can really take a toll on you.

Have you ever been as nice as the Marlins were tonight? Should the team have to walk from home from New York like one angry fan said? Let your voice be heard.

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