WWE: Lacey Evans heel veteran arc is terrible and should be modified immediately

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WWE really messed up with Lacey Evans.

Is she going to be a heel? Is she going to be a face? What brand is she on?

And they really messed up having Evans cut vignettes for weeks at a time telling her story as a face, including her military service.

Then WWE turns her heel, and she comes out and does that crap she did last night on Smackdown.

The former Marine, and the world knows that because of those vignettes, came out demanding a standing ovation and calling the crowd fat.

It ticked me off to watch it. To have this patriot reputation build, and then turn around and frame it as villainous.

WWE as a company has always supported the troops. They put on a show for them every year. But this latest turn with Evans is a terrible mistake.

Some of my older readers may bring up the Sergeant Slaughter Iraqi sympathizer angle. We’ll, that was crap too.

Here is how you fix it.

She doesn’t get to use her military background as a device to insult the audience.

And they need to switch up her writing for a while. I know they built this push based off of her upbringing but this effect is insulting.

Will they do it? Probably not.

This isn’t new ground for them. Lacey Evans isn’t new. And while a change up from the outdated pin-up girl was needed, they should have been much more careful with their presentation.

It’s not good for her. It’s not good for the fans. And its not how you present military service to an audience.

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