Orlando Magic: Yeah, it’s okay to be hyped on Paolo Banchero

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This is a Paolo Banchero blog now.

Yeah, I’ve got no problem saying that after a handful of NBA Summer League games. The #1 overall pick in the NBA draft, and hopefully the future of the Orlando Magic franchise, is off to a wonderful start and is raising eyebrows around the league.

Take that game yesterday against the Sacramento Kings, yeah I goof on the Magic because this front office deserves it (story HERE), but this Banchero kid put up 26 points and is exhibiting a killer instinct we haven’t seen from this team in a few years.

And his background can’t be denied. He’s a Coach K player from Duke. Winning has been instilled in him and I don’t think he’s okay just showing up for a paycheck.

Because that is the culture this team has cultivated over the past decade, there might be some players still on this team who are like that, but Banchero is different because he was built different. At least I believe so at this point.

He’s not okay with losing. And that’s cool with me because neither am I. Nor are the other fans in Orlando that pay good money to see this team while their rent spirals out of control.

I’m going to pump the brakes here because he’s still a young player. And there may be setbacks. But I’m excited for the first time in a couple of years to see what a Magic draft pick can do.

Frankly, I would be okay with this guy being the ambassador for our team in the eyes of the rest of the league. It’s that exciting.

And it’s great if you feel that too because it might be real.

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