Trending: Chuck Todd haters don’t understand dissing him on Twitter only makes him stronger

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If its Sunday, its Meet The Press.

And if its Sunday, its also Chuck Todd hater day.

But this Sunday was different, with the Meet The Press host actually overtaking Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon as the number one trending topic in the United States. One of his guests was actually my congresswoman, Stephanie Murphy, who discussed the January 6th investigation.

It was the opening moments of the show that made viewers mad though. Todd was questioning the commitment of Democrats moving into the November midterms.

If you know politics, midterms are typically difficult for whichever party has the power in Washington. Red or blue, the trend stretches back decades.

But his critics wouldn’t relent and he ended up taking the number one spot.

This has been happening for about two years now on a fairly regular basis. But people hoping to damage Todd and get him fired might be disappointed with what usually happens as a result of hate-watching.

The controversial figure usually gets stronger.

Trends are social media mentions. Mentions are positive media metrics. Metrics get passed on to advertisers to determine their return of investment on their ad buys.

Other examples are WWE whenever they fire a popular wrestler.

Or Meghan McCain when she was a regular on The View.

Both events will usually land them the #1 spot in the trends.

Now, an offensive mistake could get someone fired (like Sharon Osborne). But Todd plays it pretty safe. And his predecessor, David Gregory, used to catch criticism too for going too easy on guests. Producers are used to this.

We’ll see where it goes. Maybe MTP will eventually go for a change. But when it’s trending number 1 and shoving Wimbledon out of the way on social media, its usually a good weekend.

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