Trending: Nick Kyrgios’ temper and “700 drinks, bro” become Wimbledon legend

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If you were fortunate enough to be watching the Wimbledon Men’s Final on Sunday morning, then you may have caught the antics of Nick
Kyrgios, who is normally outspoken, but was especially vocal as he took on Novak Djokavic for the most prestigious title in the game.

At one point Kyrgios had one fan ejected because she was heckling him and had like “700 drinks bro” according to his explanation to the official.

This caught the attention of social media and had him trending #1 as the match took place and members of the royal family looked on.

Kyrgios would end up losing the match to Djokavic.

What do you think? Was Kyrgios out of line? Or should Wimbledon limit alcohol sales to 699 drinks per person?

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