WWE: There is barely any wrestling on these wrestling shows

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WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment.

That’s what it still stands for. Right?

I’m asking because that is what I’m hearing from the rest of wrestling social media. There is simply not enough wrestling on WWE programming.

Honestly, I’m compelled to agree.

We got about 15 minutes of wrestling on Friday Night Smackdown this week. And a chunk of that was that terrible Lacey Evans heel veteran segement (story HERE).

What seems to be the hold up here?

My only guess is that WWE has fired so many good wrestlers over the last two years and is experiencing so many injuries now, that they can’t fill the required time to put on a decent wrestling show.

Going back to that Lacey angle. It was teased that her and Aliyah would be taking on Shayne Baszler and Shotzi Blackheart in a tag team contest.

Instead, we got Lacey turning on Aliyah and no match.

I actually would have liked to have seen the match before the betrayal. Instead we got that poorly written promo.

That is a missed opportunity for Shotzi and Shayna (both who don’t get enough air time as is).

That is just one example. There is a lot of fat we can trim with these shows.

How about less of these repetitive video packages we have to watch every week? How about less of these cookie cutter talk shows?

It’s a wrestling program. It’s been that way for decades. Let’s get back to that.

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