The Bachelorette: Happy endings for both Rachel and Gabby might be asking too much

The Bachelorette returns tonight, with not just won woman prepared to take the spotlight before America as she searches for the love of her life, but two.

Rachel Recchia of Clermont (greater Orlando represent) and Gabby Windey of Colorado are both hold-overs from the fiasco which was the Clayton season of The Bachelor, which saw Clayton hook up with multiple women in the final stretch, and then try to gaslight all of them into weakness. He managed to fool Susie into sticking around and providing a “happy” ending. (story HERE).

Which brings us to the question of this post. Will asking for both Rachel and Gabby to both find love this season be asking too much of these producers?

I’m asking because it appears we’ve become addicted to “busted” or unhappy conclusions to these seasons.

Clayton’s outing was a mess. Michelle’s was okay. But then we had Katie upset viewers in her finale, and then we had the Matt James season which did serious harm to the franchise which included the sacking of Chris Harrison. Then there was Clare Crawley’s early exit which lead to Tayshia Adams having to finish that season of the Bachelorette.

But you’d better believe that fans were there for all of it.

And showrunners enjoy this unhappy continuity of bringing back old cast members for a second shot at love. Without Clayton’s jerk behavior, it’s possible we wouldn’t have these two terrific bachelorettes.

Let’s just hope we don’t get Rachel vs. Gabby. Because that would be a level of tacky that I’m not sure the franchise could absorb.

Still, we’re all going to be here tonight as these two women continue their journey to find happiness in front of a national audience.

Good luck to both of them. If the recent past is any indication, they will need it.

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