The Bachelorette: “Your boyfriend is a loser” promo catches TV audience off guard

Your boyfriend is a loser. Leave a superchat by tipping below and commenting like you normally would. Your words will be seen right here!

Right when Bachelornation was just getting their bearings and hunkering down for a long season of watching Rachel and Gabby sort through over two dozen guys to find the love of their lives, ABC reaches out and smacks their audience with a promo we won’t soon forget.

The promo, which you can watch below says…

“Your boyfriend is a loser. Everybody knows it. Dump his ass and apply to be on the next season of the bachelor”

Umm what?

Its a way to get everyone’s attention that’s for sure. And Bachelornation sure had a lot to say about it.

What did you think of the promo? It certainly got my attention.

What did you think of the premiere in general? Let us know in the comments below..

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