WNBA: They gave Kelsey Plum an inappropriately small All Star Game MVP trophy

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The WNBA All Star game was a delightful showcase of basketball talent held over the weekend as Team Wilson defeated Team Stewart 134-112.

But social media couldn’t help but notice how small the MVP trophy for the game was. It was abnormally small. And Kelsey Plum, who earned the honor with a 30 point bow, had the fans on social media rally behind her in what was another sign of inequality of genders between the sports.

Seriously? What happened here?

And if you were thinking the same thing, you weren’t alone…

And as you can see, Plum dedicated her MVP trophy to fellow star, Britney Griner, who remains detained in Russia for unintentionally bringing cannabis into the territory. Officials in Washington are in the process of trying to get her free.

What did you think of the Kelsey Plum trophy? Should the WNBA make a bigger investment in their hardware.

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