Emmys 2022: Best Drama gives us epic Succession vs. Severance vs. Squid Game battle

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What an absolutely epic 2022 Emmy field for Best Drama.

Better Call Saul
Squid Game
Stranger Things

Goodness. I can’t be angry if any of them win.

But I’m going to eliminate Better Call Saul and Ozark because these are final season hat-tips. And we’ll push Yellowjackets aside too because its an upstart that really flew under the radar.

I love Euphoria. All of my readers love Euphoria. But they’ll clean up on acting awards. Stranger Things just isn’t my cup of whiskey. I respect it, but not for me.

That leaves Succession, Severance, and Squid Game. All epic.

Succession will actually be the blue blood favorite here, even though its only 3 seasons long (made longer by a pandemic). It makes every shot it takes and last season had us spinning from beginning to finish. Its already won a ton of awards.

Squid Game was one of the most intense television experiences we’ve ever had. Frankly, I don’t think there should be a season 2. It was that special. Out of these three, it will be the underdog.

Severance lead by Ben Stiller, gave us something truly unique. And we’re hanging off of a cliff right now with an experience that really blurred the genres.

I won’t be making a pick right now. But simply seeing these three in the same arena is just awesome. They’re all “A” shows and can’t recommend them enough.

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