Emmys 2022: Here are 7 questions for the strongest Best Comedy field in history

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This is the strongest Emmys Best Comedy field I’ve ever seen. You’d have to go back to the “Frasier” era of the late 90s to get close to anything as talented as this.

Let’s check out this awesome field and ask some tough questions

Abbot Elementary
Only Murders in the Building
Ted Lasso
The Marvelous Ms. Maisel
What We Do In The Shadows
Curb Your Enthusiasm

Is it too early for Abbott Elementary?: Abbott Elementary is one of the best new shows on television. It’s kind, relevant, and actually really funny. But only 13 episodes? We know they’ll be back. But do we crown them now?

Barry gave us the best episode of the year, but is it still a comedy?: No doubt. 710N was the best single episode of television seen this year. And maybe among the best all time. But we didn’t do a lot of laughing this season on Barry. It was actually pretty intense. Is it still a comedy?

If its a popularity contest, do we give it to Only Murders in the Building?: The show has successfully gone multi generational with Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez opening up a big tent for fans. This would probably make the largest group of TV viewers happy.

Has Ted Lasso had enough?: It’s almost an embarrassment of riches at this point.

How do we reward Hacks and Ms. Maisel?: Both were excellent, but as a complete show maybe just a slight notch below the rest of the field. Hacks felt like it was ending before we heard of the renewal.

If we’re scoring on a pure laugh count, does ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ take it?: It is the funniest show here. Do we give them the award on a laugh count technicality?

Does ‘Curb’ at 20 still need to be here?: Curb Your Enthusiasm has been around for decades, but had one of it’s strongest seasons. How do we score that?

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