The Bachelorette: Premiere was fun for all of the wrong reasons

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Well, that was umm something.

Seriously, the Bachelorette premiere last night featuring Rachel Recchia and Gabbey Windey as co stars, was actually a lot of fun. Maybe the most fun premiere since before the start of the pandemic.

But we were all laughing for the wrong reasons. And you know it.

Some high/low lights:

The Ghost of Clayton Echard haunts us all: These showrunners are something else.

“Hey. Everybody still hates Clayton.” says one producer.

“Well, lets mention him at every opportunity. Let’s get a kids choir to cut a diss track on him! I can’t believe how much money I make!” says another producer.

Don’t waste Gabby’s time: It looks like Gabby is done with all of our nonsense and it was apparent when she was dealing with these guys. “You write like a 5 year old” was a brutal comment (because he did) and she just had this look on her face like she wasn’t being impressed by anyone.

Some guys were so bad they didn’t even get a rose ceremony: The premiere did not have a rose ceremony. Instead they had something like an “elimination huddle” where the ladies cut the guys like a first day fry cook who got caught eating some nuggets on the line.

So, I mean, it was funny.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be here next week. Its my experience that these next couple of shows are usually the best episodes of the season as we start to learn who the heroes and heels are.

Should be fun. For the right reasons!

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