WWE: Bless Cora Jade for selling her heel turn after being set-up for failure

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Well, Cora Jade turned heel last night.

And it seems like WWE did everything in their power to make her look bad.

First, let’s talk about that prop skateboard. Look at how this thing disintegrates before she hits Roxanne Perez. Yikes..

But like a true trooper, she picks up the pieces (literally) and continues the beatdown. A billion dollar company and they can’t afford props.

Maybe that’s a tribute to her, in what was just a crap job done by WWE setting this young star up for failure.

Then there was the whole set up to the heel turn. Having this duo win the NXT Women’s Tag Titles just to pull this off a week later.

Why doesn’t WWE take better care of their rising stars in the women’s division?

What they did to Lacey Evans last week on Smackdown with her heel veterans gimmick was terrible and kind of offensive (story HERE).

But here we are. More bad booking. More poor planning. More embarrassing mistakes.

Still, I have faith that Cora Jade will make this work. She’s “all in” on the selling. Everything that did work in that spot, the attitude, the social media traffic, the things she put in place, were successful.

No thanks to her bosses. Let’s hope things get better for her.

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