ICON Park and their Wheel Gun Game is an unbelievably real bad idea

Listen, I appreciate responsible gun ownership, and I’m a military veteran who will stand up for my second amendment rights when needed.

But, the latest game out of ICON Park has to be one of the worst tourism ideas I’ve ever seen in Orlando.

The “Bullseye Blast” game that allows players to shoot toy guns at targets set up around the park from an elevated position on the Wheel, is almost jokingly bad. It’s completely tone deaf to the kind of world we’re living in.

It has no business being in a crowded tourism area.

Hey, older guys like me played cops and robbers as a kid. I shot the water cannons and Wet and Wild and “Ghost Busting” guns at haunted houses all over the place.

But this ain’t it man. This is an epic bad idea.

This is because we’re taking a weapon and encouraging its use in a crowded area surrounded with real people. This isn’t a range. These aren’t ghosts or cyborgs.

These are families.

And ICON Park should be running away from anything having to do with violence. We’re just months away from the Tyre Sapson tragedy, who died when he fell off of the Free Fall ride in March.

Now we’re doing this?

Big tourism in Orlando, man. Anything to make a buck. Also, worth mentioning that tourism development dollars generated by our work in hotels, goes to promote this kind of stupidity. That’s right. You’re paying to support this stuff.

And let’s look at it from a visitor point of view.

I don’t want anyone pointing a weapon at me from an elevated position in a crowded area. It doesn’t matter if its a toy or not.

ICON Park and Orlando tourism should do a better job “reading the room” and alter this tragically bad idea immediately.

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