My American Airlines Horror Story

Update #4: In what is just insult to injury at this point, American Airlines lost my bag. Despite voicing concerns to their agents twice, it still went missing. An appropriate epilogue for was has been a waking nightmare with this terrible organization.

Update #3: Still trapped in DC. Spent the night in this freezing terminal and I’m starving. No one from American has reached out. This continues to be the worst experience I’ve ever had with an airline.

Update #2: Everything in the terminal is shutting down. American Airlines offered me nothing to eat, no place to sleep, and its freezing in here. I asked them for a blanket and they refused. I don’t know where my bags are. I regret coming on this trip. I should have just stayed home.

Update #1: Things have only gotten worse. American Airlines has trapped me here until 3PM tomorrow. They haven’t given me any lodging and I can’t afford the food here.

The worst part is that my trip is already ruined. I was supposed to go study at a college in the Albany area. That probably won’t happen anymore. I’ll be two days behind everyone else.

The worst part is that American Airlines could have done something if they wanted to.

They could have provided lodging. They could have offered me a refund. They could have given me something to eat.

Instead, they’ve done nothing. I’m losing a day in my life in this terminal because of them.

As you read these words, I’m trapped in a Washington, D.C airport because of Mother Nature and because of American Airlines. They are both at fault for me missing a veterans event in New York.

One is a heartless, uncompassionate force, incapable of feelings and indifferent to the struggles its responsible for.

The other is Mother Nature.

When my connection from Orlando to D.C didn’t make it, I wasn’t too concerned. These things happen. You can’t control the weather. I was sure, customer service at American Airlines would help me.

They did not.

They’re first offer was a 31 hour layover in D.C. With no shelter. American Airline’s first solution was to spend a day and some change in an airline terminal.

This obviously wasn’t good enough. I went to see customer service at their location in their elevated chairs behind a desk. The first representative quickly gave up trying to help me. The second person, a supervisor stepped up and immediately began giving me excuses.

They could care less about the fact I was going to miss my event, and even less that the event meant quite a lot to me.

They offered less several layovers. But arriving in New York after the window meant spending the night at the airport there.

“How about I go back?” I asked.

The price of the ticket to Orlando has increased. You’ll have to pay the $400 difference, they told me.

“This wasn’t my fault.” I said trying to keep my cool.

“Ok, just give me a refund.” I offered back accepting that they had all of the power.

We can give you a partial refund. You used the Orlando to D.C leg of your ticket.

“Can you send me somewhere, anywhere, I know somebody?”

Our only obligation is to get you to your original location.

I was furious. I told them I needed some time to think and called their customer service line, hoping I would get someone friendly. While the person was slightly nicer, they weren’t very knowledgeable.

That was it. I’m stuck.

People have travel problems all of the time, but what helps is empathy from the staff. An apology. Some kind of remorse at the problems they’re causing.

There was none of that from American Airlines in D.C.

They are making my life very difficult right now. I hate that I booked with them, and I’m over a thousand miles away from someone I know.

There is nothing to do but wait.

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